Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Cloud Computing and its Advantages

What Is Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing is regarding maintaining applications and information through the central remote servers and the internet. With the help of this technology, customers can use a variety of applications and can have access to their personal folders at any system which has an internet access. The main idea after this technology is to make the entire process of computing, centralized and efficient.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing is soon to be the leading revolution in the world of technology. It aims to further shorten and broaden the horizons of data processing and sharing. While earlier, computer data and software had to be processed or stored on or near the device. Then the development of Local Area Networks, which controlled the data on a localized group of storage devices, was a step towards enhancing the output of the entire system. Cloud Computing takes this concept a step further. It fundamentally allows for distinction between the resources utilized and the user’s computer, generally existing outside of the local network.

Cloud  Services

Advantages of cloud computing:

The main improvement of cloud computing technology is that it is lot more cost effective than previous technologies. As the technology is paid for through increments, the organization utilizing it saves much money. Also, the amount of data that can store is more than that of private computer systems.

Given the fact that Cloud computing is highly automated,  it releases the pressure over IT personnel, thus giving them the opportunity to explore the avenues of innovation and improvement Most importantly, the employees can access all data and resources from anywhere, irrespective of whether they are in proximity to their office or not.


  1. Cloud computing has already been put in motion. This huge network will be accessed by everyone needing to use specific services, programs etc. IT tech support should have an easier time with solving problems, since they can access those resources and solve the problem at it's roots. There won't be need of long talks over the phone, explaining the situation, misunderstanding technicalities and so on.

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  7. Great. Cloud computing is very popular today, because it is really convenient. I think we should implement such trechnolies together with data room services