Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Cloud Computing and its Advantages

What Is Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing is regarding maintaining applications and information through the central remote servers and the internet. With the help of this technology, customers can use a variety of applications and can have access to their personal folders at any system which has an internet access. The main idea after this technology is to make the entire process of computing, centralized and efficient.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing is soon to be the leading revolution in the world of technology. It aims to further shorten and broaden the horizons of data processing and sharing. While earlier, computer data and software had to be processed or stored on or near the device. Then the development of Local Area Networks, which controlled the data on a localized group of storage devices, was a step towards enhancing the output of the entire system. Cloud Computing takes this concept a step further. It fundamentally allows for distinction between the resources utilized and the user’s computer, generally existing outside of the local network.

Cloud  Services

Advantages of cloud computing:

The main improvement of cloud computing technology is that it is lot more cost effective than previous technologies. As the technology is paid for through increments, the organization utilizing it saves much money. Also, the amount of data that can store is more than that of private computer systems.

Given the fact that Cloud computing is highly automated,  it releases the pressure over IT personnel, thus giving them the opportunity to explore the avenues of innovation and improvement Most importantly, the employees can access all data and resources from anywhere, irrespective of whether they are in proximity to their office or not.

Monday, 4 July 2011

What Is Cloud Computing? What Does It Give to Me?

Many business professionals and non-technical people always ask me about Cloud Computing. The term is new, and they haven't learnt much about it from most resources, or from their friends, as most don't have any knowledge about it. Technically cloud computing is a set of IT efficiencies in return for a small monthly fee or monthly package. Cloud IT computing is a futuristic technology, which adds value and increase capacity of the IT system. Cloud computing can play an important role in reducing your IT cost to great extent and make your business mobile.

Cloud computing has a lot of benefits for all kind of users like professionals, businessmen, small business owners, students, and self-employed workers. Cost benefit is the top one in this innovative system as you don't need to update your IT system with the use of heavy professional fees. Also you don't need to run your IT servers 24/7, which saves you from huge electricity bills. Simply you can save a lot of money by paying a monthly fixed package fee of your own choice, as, most of the companies providing cloud computing have different set of packages. Some packages have unlimited data storage, as these companies update their storage capacity so you don't need to worry about space. The employees of multinationals can share data on the secure IT system with similar controls as the head office, and any new office staff doesn't need to set up things from ground zero.

Business professionals or owners have to spend a lot of money on updating their security IT systems and top professional consultants are used for this purpose. Cloud IT computing packages provide you with IT security, and your data is in the hands of the best IT professionals.

In short, cloud computing is the future of IT systems and data sharing. To enjoy the early benefits you have to understand the concept of it as soon as possible. This concept is widely growing and top businesses have already accepted it, a lot of investment is going on in the Cloud IT business. A central IT system provides a great opportunity for businesses to do well in customer care. Professionals are providing consultancy and training around the world with no need to carry computers with them. Small businesses are also enjoying this technology, with small packages to start with, and large benefits in return, because of the special technology.

"GoKey" is a cloud computing product by SKEJCOM, which is among the top cloud computing providers and IT Support in Europe.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Review of the GoKey Product

GoKey by SKEJCOM is an IT solutions product the employs the “cloud computing” concept.  This entails the use of host servers which will store the programs and files of clients, an internet connection to be able to access the servers and a computer terminal which is the interphase for the client to use. The term thin client is a computer or a computer program which depends heavily on some other computer (its server) to fulfill its traditional computational roles. This stands in contrast to the traditional fat client, a computer designed to take on these roles by itself.

The key concern would be the reliability of the system since it is not under the physical control of the client and has to go over the internet.  Systems reliability can be broken down to internet connection; protection of client’s data; and access security.

Internet Connection

The internet shutting down is a distinct possibility.  And it is a possibility that will never be eliminated. The reality today is that everyone is using the internet, even for sensitive data transfer and transactions. Telecommunication companies and IT companies are continuously upgrading the system to make it more robust and fail safe and can find ways to reroute the traffic.  If the internet should fail, not only “cloud computing” will be affected, but a good part of world commerce, health systems, and national governments.  So its continued function is a global undertaking.

Protection of Client’s Data:

Physical Protection
There is the physical protection of the servers hosting the data.  With hosting servers being an integral part of the “cloud computing” system, SKEJCOM pays extra attention to physically protect the said servers.  With this given it is believed SKEJCOM can give the same level or even higher level of physical protection to the servers than its clients which may have servers or individual computer terminals to protect but may not be as conscious of protecting them as SKEJCOM.

Software Protection
There is the concern of software protection. Given that SKEJCOM is a very focused IT company with its GoKey solutions, a good portion of its resources and time is to be devoted to software protection with its firewalls and antivirus programs. Its clients will probably not have the same capacity or focus as they will be more concerned with their main businesses.

Access Security

There is concern on access security. While there is the advantageous features of flexibility and mobility since programs and files can be accessed anywhere as long as there is internet connection and graphic interphase; the concern is if unauthorized personnel can also access ones files.  The first layer of protection is the user name and password which is the usual protection used in many systems.  An added layer is the GoKey token which employs Giritech’s Gon USB token with cryptographically secure smart card technology.  There is one more layer in this system than in the usual office computer setup.


Saturday, 21 May 2011

Cloud Computing with Gokey

Gokey is a Cloud Computing Service provider which promises optimum quality in delivering IT services which include achieving, storage and security facilities. With Gokey services, the user’s data can be accessed from multiple platforms, thus providing data retrieval in a secure, yet mobile manner. The company claims to use clean power for its service, hence, supporting the environment friendly initiative which is extremely important, particularly in view of the persistent threat of global warming. Gokey claims to have amassed together the newest, fastest and most stable servers, ensuring that their service is efficient and reliable, thereby ensuring that it is amongst the best IT services available in the world.

Gokey also provides to its subscribers a host of applications like MS Office, Corel, Lotus Notes, and similar software which are used by majority of the business enterprises around the world. This is all available at a nominal cost, as also the user does not have to worry about maintenance and regular updates in respect of these applications. And all this is promised at a down payment of 250 pounds per month which is one package and has more cost in others.

Cloud computing through Gokey offers computation, software, data storage and archival in a distributed architecture which can be accessed over multiple operating systems viz Linux, Windows and Mac.

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