Monday, 4 July 2011

What Is Cloud Computing? What Does It Give to Me?

Many business professionals and non-technical people always ask me about Cloud Computing. The term is new, and they haven't learnt much about it from most resources, or from their friends, as most don't have any knowledge about it. Technically cloud computing is a set of IT efficiencies in return for a small monthly fee or monthly package. Cloud IT computing is a futuristic technology, which adds value and increase capacity of the IT system. Cloud computing can play an important role in reducing your IT cost to great extent and make your business mobile.

Cloud computing has a lot of benefits for all kind of users like professionals, businessmen, small business owners, students, and self-employed workers. Cost benefit is the top one in this innovative system as you don't need to update your IT system with the use of heavy professional fees. Also you don't need to run your IT servers 24/7, which saves you from huge electricity bills. Simply you can save a lot of money by paying a monthly fixed package fee of your own choice, as, most of the companies providing cloud computing have different set of packages. Some packages have unlimited data storage, as these companies update their storage capacity so you don't need to worry about space. The employees of multinationals can share data on the secure IT system with similar controls as the head office, and any new office staff doesn't need to set up things from ground zero.

Business professionals or owners have to spend a lot of money on updating their security IT systems and top professional consultants are used for this purpose. Cloud IT computing packages provide you with IT security, and your data is in the hands of the best IT professionals.

In short, cloud computing is the future of IT systems and data sharing. To enjoy the early benefits you have to understand the concept of it as soon as possible. This concept is widely growing and top businesses have already accepted it, a lot of investment is going on in the Cloud IT business. A central IT system provides a great opportunity for businesses to do well in customer care. Professionals are providing consultancy and training around the world with no need to carry computers with them. Small businesses are also enjoying this technology, with small packages to start with, and large benefits in return, because of the special technology.

"GoKey" is a cloud computing product by SKEJCOM, which is among the top cloud computing providers and IT Support in Europe.


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