Saturday, 21 May 2011

Cloud Computing with Gokey

Gokey is a Cloud Computing Service provider which promises optimum quality in delivering IT services which include achieving, storage and security facilities. With Gokey services, the user’s data can be accessed from multiple platforms, thus providing data retrieval in a secure, yet mobile manner. The company claims to use clean power for its service, hence, supporting the environment friendly initiative which is extremely important, particularly in view of the persistent threat of global warming. Gokey claims to have amassed together the newest, fastest and most stable servers, ensuring that their service is efficient and reliable, thereby ensuring that it is amongst the best IT services available in the world.

Gokey also provides to its subscribers a host of applications like MS Office, Corel, Lotus Notes, and similar software which are used by majority of the business enterprises around the world. This is all available at a nominal cost, as also the user does not have to worry about maintenance and regular updates in respect of these applications. And all this is promised at a down payment of 250 pounds per month which is one package and has more cost in others.

Cloud computing through Gokey offers computation, software, data storage and archival in a distributed architecture which can be accessed over multiple operating systems viz Linux, Windows and Mac.

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